Lunch Menu


homemade pork spring rolls$9

saigon summer rolls$9

lettuce, pickled veggies, vermicelli wrapped in rice paper, ‘nuoc cham’ sauce.
Your choices of : prawns and barbecue pork or grilled chicken or wok tossed tofu

crispy chicken$13

chilli-mayo sauce

crispy calamari$13

chilli-mayo sauce


Noodle Soups

Extra Large +$2
pho bo$12

most popular Vietnamese noodle soup served with thinly slices Angus beef, tender beef brisket, bean sprouts and herbs in aromatic beef broth

pho ga$12

served with shredded chicken breast, bean sprouts and herbs in a refreshing chicken broth

veggies noodle soup$12

seasonal veggies and tofu

seafood noodle soup$15

mussels, squid, fish fillets and prawns

tom yum seafood$15

chicken laksa noodle soup$15

chicken and mushroom in coconut broth

seafood laksa noodle soup$18

mussels, squid, fish fillets and prawns, mushroom in coconut broth


saigon kingdom vermecelli$15

Wok tossed with BBQ pork, prawns, onion and julienne carrot

Your choices of BEEF or CHICKEN or VEGGIES for below
special satay on rice$14.5

coconut milk curry$14.5

lemongrass chilli on rice$14.5

saigon fried rice$13.5

lemongrass&chilli flat rice noodle$12

satay flat rice noodle$12

fried egg noodle$12

wok tossed lemongrass with vermicelli$15

with lettuce, cucumber, viet pickles topped with roasted peanut and house dressing

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