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homemade pork spring rolls$9

crispy calamari$13

chilli-mayo sauce

saigon summer rolls$9

lettuce, pickled veggies, vermicelli wrapped in rice paper, ‘nuoc cham’ sauce.
Your choices of : prawns and barbecue pork or grilled chicken or wok tossed tofu

chargrilled whole tiger prawns$8

marinated with garlic, chilli

chargrilled green lipped mussels$15

with roasted peanut, scallion oil & ‘nuoc cham’ sauce

crispy chicken$13

chilli-mayo sauce

soft shell crab$15

iceberg lettuce, roasted sesame, tamarind sauce

soy glazed crispy tofu$8

topped with crispy kale & roasted sesame

ha noi grilled pork meatballs$9

seafood platter$65

grilled tiger prawns (4), prawn crackers, grilled mussels (4), crispy calamari, tamarind soft shell crab, prawns cutlet summer rolls (2)

Light Dishes & Noodle Soups

Light Dishes

spicy beef salad$18

seared beef, peanuts, fried shallots & mix green

chicken and mango salad$17

chicken, pickled mango, peanuts & mix green

wok tossed vegetable$16

carrot, celery, mushroom, kale, brocolli & cauliflower

bun cha$19

grilled pork, spring rolls, lettuce, pickles, cucumber, vermicelli & house dressing

vietnamese pancake$15

crispy crepe filled with prawns, barbecue pork, sprouts & “nuoc cham” sauce

Noodle Soups

Large +$2.5 | Extra Large +$4
pho bo$14

most popular Vietnamese noodle soup served with thinly slices Angus beef, tender beef brisket, bean sprouts and herbs in aromatic beef broth

pho ga$14

served with shredded chicken breast, bean sprouts and herbs in a refreshing chicken broth

veggies noodle soup$12

seasonal veggies and tofu

seafood noodle soup$15

mussels, squid, fish fillets and prawns

tom yum seafood$16

mussels, squid, fish fillets, prawns in hot and sour broth

chicken laksa noodle soup$15

chicken and mushroom in coconut broth

seafood laksa noodle soup$18

mussels, squid, fish fillets and prawns, mushroom in coconut broth

Main Course

From the Land

lemongrass and chilli chicken$21

wok tossed with onion and curly kale

chicken coconut milk curry$21

celery, carrot & mushroom in creamy coconut milk broth

chicken veges and cashew nut$24

celery, carrot, mushrom, cauliflower, broccoli in oyster sauce

chargrilled chicken thigh$24

served with mixed green & viet pickles

chargrilled caramelised pork chop$25

served with mixed green, fried egg and viet pickles.

shaking beef$27

wok tossed angus beef, onion, scallion on bed of watercress

five spice beef$22

beef sirloin slices, local veggies, chef’s five spices sauce

From The Sea

grilled salt and chilli fish fillet$27

on bed of fined iceberg lettuce topped with chilli threads

hmong styled crispy whole fish$32

herbs, peanuts, scallion oil, coriander sauce

chilli salted and pepper crispy squid$22

onion, scallion, garlic, chilli prawn salt

chef’s signature fish$25

light battered fish fillet, served in seafood XO sauce

chargrilled whole tiger prawns (8)$27

garlic, chilli, vietnamese mint

cray fish$market price

steamed then chargrill with herbs & butter


steamed jasmine rice $ 2 | 4 | 6

small | medium |large

veggies and eggs fried rice$ 8 | 14

medium | large

viet pickles$4
prawn crackers$4
house salad$6
steam veggies$6

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